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No subscription, no commitment and a personal alarm that can be used in more than 210 countries around the world!

Personal safety alarm without subscriptions!

Personal safety system with fall- detection and off-track detection..

Personal safety alarm

Alarms customized for you

The personal safety alarm of supports people; at home, at work, outdoors and even on holidays!

By using GSM technology the personal safety alarm is functional in more than 210 countries around the world!

The personal alarm uses the GSM-network for communication and GPS / LBS tracking.
The user of the personal alarm does not need to remain near a base station, allowing people to use the alarm is in any location with GSM coverage.

You can use the personal safety alarm for: Lone worker protection, to help out your staff that work alone in emergency situations. For people needing assistance or with disabilities such as ADHD, PDD-NOS, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.In case of emergency, the real time track and trace function is activated and the location is directly sent via SMS or via the free app. You are in direct contact with the user and communication is immediately possible thanks to the speaking and listening connection!

Our personal safety alarm is currently successfully used by:
The elderly, people with disabilities, people with Alzheimer’s disease, taxi drivers, couriers, home care workers, mechanics, construction workers, warehouse workers and children.

Personal safety alarm

SOS/GPS/GSM tracker with fall-detection and off-track detection.

  • Free instalation

    You receive a complete package with no hidden costs! It has been programmed for you free of charge so you can use your personal safety alarm straight away!

  • SOS function

    The SOS personal safety alarm has no subscription, no base station and does not use a landline. This gives you total control and you avoid being confronted by monthly costs.

  • Fall-detection

    Our SOS personal safety alarm has the unique option to activate fall-detection. The alarm goes off even if you are not in state to press on the alarm button yourself!

  • Off-track detection

    The dynamic off-track detection is fast and easy to activate through SMS, online and the app. This makes the off-track detection accessible anywhere. For example while visiting family and friends or going on holidays.

  • Direct communication

    The built-in speaker and microphone enable direct contact and communication.

  • Customer service

    You can always contact us via the form on our site or you can call us on our help and info number: 085-30 123 15

  • Tracking worldwide

    You are independent of a base station, de off-track detection works in over 210 countries across the globe.

  • Splashproof

    The SOS button is splashproof, you dont have to worry about being caught in the rain.

  • Acceleration detection

    Thanks to the acceleration detection it is possible to know whether someone is using a motor vehicle. You have optimal control and insight in combination with the off-track detection.

  • Empty battery alarm

    When your battery is below 18%, you will automatically receive an sms or an alert on the app warning you about it.

  • Hypoallergenic

     The personal safety alarm is made of hypoallergenic material, there is little to no chances of allergic reactions.